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Feel The Love

... and seduction that comes with life.

Such A Teenage Life...
24 May 1987
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My Name Is Steffanie... My journal should explain my whole life, good and bad, secrets and rumors. So please leave some wonderful comments.

Oh The Memories:

My life is always changing.
Its up and down like a rollercoaster ride

I am a 23 year old girl. I moved from Vermont to Florida when I was 19
I dont have many regrets, because I have choosen every path I have made.
I have made a home for myself in florida, away from my family and friends.

Other then that, I go through
the adventures of my life. From my boyfriend who is older then
me, the things we deal with, my friends drama and my room mates who stink.
From drinking and drugs to the random people
i encounter and the adventures that we make.

My life is always changing and I can be
quite bitchy so please
read at your own risk... and dont say I didnt warn you.

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