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New Entries For The Boyfriend

I will try and write you everyday my dearest crush.
So then you have someplace to read about what I am doing when I am away or even when I have a random thought.

You know, this livejournal has entries in it from way back in High School. So, like 6 years ago, if not more.

I used to be a good little writer. But not really anymore.

So I have been doing laundry, getting ready for my trip next week.

I am from the country! I have been listening to country songs, trying to prepare myself for the trip there.
because thats all my sister really listens too. :-) she loves her fourwheeling, camping, and drinking budlight.

some songs I have been listening too:

I dont expect you to enjoy any of these... but they def. are me.
when you finally get to see my town... you will laugh.
I grew up listening to reba and the eagles.

American Honey- Lady Antebellum
Famous in a small town- miranda lambert  ( This is me more then you know:
So Close Now- Eli Young Band
Small town kid- Eli Young Band  <-- Story of my life.

wait until you see how hick i become! oh my.
I am giving you alot to play with here when you get bored and miss me.
  -- julies graduation week with cory  (in every album you can see julies butt at least once)  --- last christmas I was home. Snowboarding photos!  -- i was young here. 17 to 19ish  -- summer of 2006 before moving to florida

example:  bahahahahaha  --- first summer home after moving to florida --- my moms wedding.. in the fall... it was a hick wedding at the elks club.  --- last summer 2009 trip to vermont... cute videos

I hope you enjoy my country side since you really only see the hippie side of me.. and i am way more country then hippie.

love you.


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