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Broken Heart Pills.

I was talking to this girl on Facebook and we were talking about Broken Hearts. I have figured out a great way to become rich. A Broken Heart Pill. Something that makes you not feel like your heart breaks everytime you speak to someone, think about them or hear there voice. Maybe something that puts your in thoughts of everything else besides what is breaking your heart. Why has no one figured this out yet?

I am so stessed about the whole moving situation. I am glad Austin agreed to move back to Orlando with me.

I wont have to go into this all alone. :)

I havent been able to keep food down for 3 days. only water and alcohol. and I still burp. like I am sick.
I miss my old life. I feel like a failure.  Foolish me.
One day. Thats all I can look forward to.

Ill write more later. I am looking for places to live.

An empty room, A broken fairy tale
A hollow girl with empty arms
From an angel's tears, God made the stars
Why can't he make me an unbreakable heart



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