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30 things i should do today.

30 things I should do today but probably will not....

30. eat something healthy
29. dance 
28. smile a lot
27. call Alec
26. call brad
25. make new friends
24. give sammy a bath
23. get off this computer
22. write something meaningful
21. call family
20. go for a walk
19. watch gossip girl
18. pick up a shift at work
17. pay bills
16. firgure out what to do with my relationship
14. find someone other then preston... someone serious.
13. contact my old friends
12. get pretty
11. go to a bar
10. go to theeee bar
09. find a cute boy
08. make new girlfriends
07. stop dreaming and start acting.
06. clean my room
05. text brad
04. tell  my true feelings
03. find a concert to go and see
02. bite my tongue
01. be happy.


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