Feel The Love

... and seduction that comes with life.

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Tired song, on a tired radio

Sometimes the world seems to be a little crazy.

Sometimes, all of us, including myself seems to think the world is going to collapes and end if our hearts are breaking, or our boyfriend goes crazy and we have no way to fix it.

but there a bigger worries in this small tiny world then just my own personal love problems.
I should be happy who i am with. happy with my life.
live it to the fullest.
but itscrazy. i was watching this show on the health channel of the worlds littles people.
I want to love and hug them. they must have so much saddness. i hope they dont,  i really hope they dont. or the blind. or the deaf. ( i work with this guy... hes 27ish... and deaf... cutest nicest, friendliest, hardworking, kind hearted man... and by me hugging him... makes his day.)

I like making people smile.
it makes me feel good.

I think that is my goal for the whole week.
make someone new smile each day.

There are bigger problems in the world then just my itty bitty love problems.

Have you ever tried mushrooms?

                                 Like have you ever Tripped?

The song Name by the googoodolls. remind me of my first trip.

I felt like a little kid all over again.
                             i realized so many  things about life.
so many things about who i was.
I felt so innocent again.

i am so glad i tried that... it felt so amazing.
i cant even explain how i felt.


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