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Crazy Girlfriends.

So i made myself feel better by watching some videos.. I think girls always get this way when they get upset and boys dont do what they want them to do.  Or Maybe its our hormones. 

But why are boys such boys? Why dont they pick on boys more. I feel like sometimes they force themselves to be heartless, just so the can't hurt there pride or ego. I need a little emo boy. Why did I never follow the emo boys?  (if you know me... you have to know it took me a good 7.5 minutes to type that one sentance... i broke out in the heartless song, then i youtubed it... then i found a boyslikegirls and taylor swift together song... now i am back.) 

I am ready to be back in Orlando. Jacksonville has nothing promising for my little life.

I wanted to be Lady GaGa for Halloween.. I just cant find a blonde wig. crappy.

5 things I should do tonight before bed:

5) Download the new boyslikegirls CD
4)  Call Julie.    *(*... calling her right now... mom went missing from monday until tonight... she went to camp drunk, SOOO funny, and julie is drunk and i made the rounds with talking to people in springfield vermont, ashley L. and Matt Gentes... oh man.)
3)Eat something Healthy
2)Read a Book.
1)Get off this computer.

Hopefully I'll wake up happier tomorrow then i did today.




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